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Worlds Most Advanced Merino Wool with 4x Fast Dry Times, Temp Regulation, Sun Protection and Odor Control!
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DragonWool Hoodie

  • NuYarn DragonWool
  • 1/3 Length Zipper
  • Hooded
  • ​Thumbholes in Sleeves
  • ​Drop Back

Moisture Wicking

The Merino wool used in DragonWool™ is naturally moisture-wicking, while the weave makes the fabric super quick-drying. This combination means sweat and moisture are quickly wicked and dissipated, so you always stay dry and odor-free.

Stays Warm When Wet

DragonWool™ is extremely fast drying allowing you to stay comfortable even when mother nature is throwing her best at you or you are highly active. The wool against your skin keeps you warm while the quick-drying polyester dissipates the moisture! 

50+ UPF Rating

Our DragonWool Hoodie boasts a 50+ UPF rating to protect you from the sun and ultraviolet rays. Block out more than 98% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays as you tackle your daily adventures.

More Warmth When It Matters

Our hoodie is amazing at trapping more heat when worn in layers. Stay extra toasty when it’s chilly out and throw on the hood for even more warmth if you need it.

Actively Breathable

Not only is the DragonWool hoodie great at heat regulation, but it’s also powerfully breathable. As you get more active throughout the day, the hoodie lets air circulate through and can be worn as an outer layer to help you cool down without worry.

Keep Your Bottoms Toasty

No more cold butts! The DragonWool hoodie features a dropped back to keep your bottoms warm even when you sit. It’s like having your own seat warmers wherever you go!


Sizes & Weight

Our Fit Guarantee

We work extremely hard to make sure these products will fit you perfectly. With over well over 60 sizing samples of both pant and wool models tested internally and externally, we are convinced you'll love them! If for any reason you need to adjust your size, we are here to help you with that exchange. Simply reach out to us and we will help you every step of the exchange (or return) process.

The DragonWool Hoodie

A Deeper Dive

The DragonWool Hoodie

We Are Outdoor Vitals

Hi, I’m Tayson. I started Outdoor Vitals to help outdoor enthusiasts “Live Ultralight” through the use of premium ultralight products that cut down on waste. My team and I believe Living Ultralight means using premium gear that works in any weather, is easy to pack, and won’t slow you down. It means buying less quantity to fill up our earth’s landfills and buying more quality products that are ready for all your adventures.
I knew that premium gear was inherently lighter, lasted longer, and provided better outdoor experiences. However, the price of the gear was out of reach for me and my family. I wanted outdoor adventurers to spend less on gear and more on experiences.
That’s why I designed Outdoor Vitals to sell directly to consumers and cut out middlemen retailers that markup prices sometimes by double. With this business model, we’ve been able to get quality products out to you for 40-50% less than a retail store.
I also recognize that I’m very fortunate to be where I am, while others around the world are not as fortunate. So Outdoor Vitals donates 1% of our revenue to sustainable poverty projects around the world.
            This will be our 3rd crowdfunding campaign. Our last campaign raised over $750,000 on Kickstarter and continued to hit over $1,000,000 on Indiegogo!
When we started, we only had $500 to put into the company — and we never took venture capital. We determined that a family owned company is better at creating value for customers. While the company has grown to be a 9 figure brand, it's still extremely vital to our growth that we use crowdfunding platforms to help us compete with investment company owned or venture capital backed outdoor brands. We believe that focusing on long term value for our customers is more important than reporting to investors about how to maximize the next month’s profits.
The Outdoor Vitals team is made up of passionate outdoor enthusiasts that understand the demands and needs of outdoor attire and accessories. We constantly push the envelope by finding the latest and most innovative materials to build our products, and the Satu Pants are our biggest innovation yet!
Join us and start Living Ultralight today!
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