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  •  $24.99 Value!
  • ​ Extremely Packable for All Your Adventures!
  • Ultralight Design Weighs in at Just 2.5 oz!
  •   Stretch Fabric is Comfortable & Soft [not sticky]
  •   Easily Inflates & Deflates in Seconds!
This Ultralight Pillow Will Become Your Go To For All Your Travel Needs!
Sleep Comfortably Everywhere You Go Without The Weight Or Bulk Of A Pillow!
Made from stretch nylon which comfortably forms to your face, this pillow feels like a normal pillow case on your skin. 

At 2.5 ounces you will hardly even know the pillow is with you until you're ready to use it! 

Start sleeping better in the backcountry or on your next travels!

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Why Would We Give This Away For Free?
There's no "hidden fees" here - and in case your wondering why we would do this...
Well there are a few reasons...
  • It's our way of bribing you to go outdoors...We believe our world would be a better place if we all spent more time outdoors, disconnected & cared about our earth a little more.
  • We get one of our products in your hand. We know once you see the quality of this pillow & realize our direct to consumer model benefits you much more than retail'll want to see everything we have.
  • We must do things different. We are a direct to consumer company, which means we have to find each and every new customer of ours. Since we are different, we must act different, so rather than waste tons of money on magazine ads, we would rather give you product.
  • We are on a mission to improve your sleep outdoors. Many of us grew up sleeping terrible outdoors & it wasn't our fault. Now we understand it, we can't stop from trying to help everyone else.
See What People Are Saying
"This is the greatest camping pillow I have ever used. The best part about it is the stretch fabric with a soft touch. And it is light weight. My kids steal it from the camping supplies and use it in their beds. And it is lightweight. I think it is the best all around camping pillow!" - Paul
"This pillow is so comfortable! I actually like is more than I like my regular pillow....

It's also really nice for traveling (planes, buses, car rides, etc.). I fill it up a little over halfway and it works really well as a neck support. My father is using his as a seat cushion and absolutely loves it!" - Hannah
”Best camping pillow that I have been able to find. Compresses down really small for traveling. Really easy to blow up (about three breaths). Good size when blown up. Very comfortable fabric. Can easily be adjusted for optimum comfort (adjust more or less inflation for your best comfort). I like the stuff sack that it comes with. It is such a quality product. Great Price! I only wish it was manufactured by American hands. ” - John
” Love it. I'll be buying another. Blows up in 2 breaths. Deflates quick and easy with large air hole. I like the ergonomics. Comfortable for both side and back sleeping. Comes in its own stuff sack. Fits in the palm of my hand. Great for backpacking or car camping. Probably easily washable. ” - Donald
What's The Cost of Shipping & Handling?
We work our very hardest to keep these costs at a BARE minimum. To be honest, we lose money on every pillow currently

Our costs to ship these pillows is broken down like this. $5 is allocated to ship the pillow, while $3.77 covers the costs of shipping materials (shipping bags and labels), the sticker, and labor cost of printing, packing and shipping the products. 

We understand how these costs may seem a little higher than a mega online retailer such as Amazon, but we work hard to lower these costs constantly to further our mission here at Outdoor Vitals! 
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Sound fair?

Tayson Whittaker

P.S. In case you're someone who like to skip to the end of a page to see the "real" deal, here it is:

We are going to mail you an Ultralight Stretch Pillow (that retails on our website and Amazon for $24.97) for FREE. The pillow is free, the sticker and included backpacking checklist are all free, we only ask for $8.77 to help us with our costs of picking, packing, and shipping (both materials and cost).

There is absolutely nothing else to this. Your not signing up for a trial of anything. We will obtain your email from this, but we rarely email and when we do it's usually about tips and tricks for backpacking. However, unsubscribe at any time!

Plus if you don't like it, we will refund you and you can keep the pillow.

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